About Us

So you want to know about us?  Bwaaahahahaha.  OK, here goes.

We met eleven years ago.  It was a fateful ski trip to, of all places, Montana.  My friend Terry invited me to join the Conejo Ski Club on a little outing to Big Sky.  I’m not a joiner, but I had made several trips with Terry to Banff, Park City, Aspen and various other destinations over the years and this was another of the inexpensive jaunts out of California.

It just so happened that Deb had joined the club just for this trip and she needed a ride to the airport.  I gave her one.  After a few fits and starts, the rest was history.  The road to a relationship is ALWAYS bumpy.  We went up and down on the roller coaster, and after years of therapy and decisions about life (which for both of us includes skiing as often as we can…) I finally popped the question.

So here we are, on the road to matrimony…