The Plan was set, the Plan was done…

by Duane ~ August 13th, 2011

With Stocking face, I bought a gun
The Plan was set, the plan was done…
      – Steely Dan; ‘Turn that heartbeat over again’

After a few fits and starts, we actually have a date set.  We knew it would be late July, and so it is:

♥ July 27, 2012

Save the date!   It’s a Friday which leaves the weekend for us to recuperate!  Actually it will be the first day of the XXX Summer Olympics in London, but of course, our wedding will be much more important than some summer Olympic game opening day shenanigan.

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What to do, what to do…

by Duane ~ July 23rd, 2011

So this is a ‘Destination’ wedding we’re planning here.  And what better about a ‘destination’ than all the things you can do.  We started making a list, but it really goes on and on, and some of my favorite things were not included at first because two of my favorites are really so far out in the middle of nowhere that it takes an entire day (leaving early from Mammoth and returning late) to do them.

So, for all our guests that will be coming (announcements are actually going to be sent as soon as we get that pesky date nailed down) here are just a few things to do.   Well, sixteen to be exact.  They’re not in any particular order, and after I (finally) post some pictures of the ring, I’ll post pictures I’ve taken of some of our little forays into the wilderness.

This is going to be the first part of a multi-part post simply because there’s too much to talk about in a single article.  I’m going to start with ‘The List’ and expand on it with descriptions, photos and details.  If you’re lucky I might even provide you with some secret maps and details you won’t get anywhere else…

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The Wedding?

by Duane ~ July 18th, 2011

We’re still trying to iron out details for a date.  Since we’re going to be married in Mammoth, and we didn’t really want a winter wedding (although me skiing in a tux and Deb in a wedding gown might be a thrill) because weather can be nasty, it will be in the summer.  This way no one will have to put tire chains on to get there. 

The Forest Chapel is a really pretty spot, across a bridge on Twin Lakes, directly in front of the Tamarak lodge.  We wanted July 29th 2012.  It’s a Sunday.  But we found out it is taken, even though we asked about it when we talked to Jennifer Ziegler, the catering and wedding coordinator at Mammoth Mountain.  She later told us.  Ooops…  So it looks like we may take the Friday before, July 27th.  But we’re still not sure yet. Continue reading »