by Duane ~ May 2nd, 2012. Filed under: Debbie Schaub and Duane Bentzen Wedding Registry.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  “Why do you two old farts have a registry.  Don’t you already have everything?”

Well, we’re old farts it’s true.  Do we have everything?  Well really we have a lot, but certainly not EVERYTHING.  And who needs a bunch of junk, we have each other.  Uh, oh, I’m getting the hairy eyeball for THAT.   But everyone (well, OK, not everyone…) has been asking us about this sooooooo here you go.

If you Google us (which some people have tried) most likely you’ll find our web site.  Google Debbie and Duane or Debbie and Duane Wedding and you’ll get here.  But, if you put in Debbie and Duane Wedding Registry, you’ll get a bunch of crap.  We started and stopped a few online registries and have selected a couple for now; we’ll add stuff over the coming weeks right up to that fateful day.

For now we’re using Amazon and Macy’s, my favorite place to buy stuff (online only of course) and one of Deb’s favorite places to buy stuff.  So here’s a couple links for now, and lets see what happens with the Goog search over the next couple weeks.

Click here for our Amazon registry page and click here for our Macy’s registry page.  I’ll try and work some Google magic and get rid of the other junk.  Happy Shopping!

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