Your invitation is in the mail…

by Duane ~ May 2nd, 2012. Filed under: Debbie Schaub and Duane Bentzen Wedding Registry, Invitations.

On April 30, our invitations FINALLY went out.   If you haven’t received it yet, you will.   We (well, Deb anyway) spent a few days agonizing over which invitations to purchase and we settled for an online invitation specialist.  I’m not one for promoting other folks stuff online, but really we are very happy with both the process and the selection.  

The site is interesting, it seems to be a conglomerate of a couple of domain names: My Cheap Wedding Invitation (not exactly ‘inviting’) and Your Invitation Place.   You can find a sample of our invite by Clicking Here, although the words on our cards are mostly our own.   We picked them out, put in our message and when they arrived Deb was quite happy.  It was fairly quick and actually much less expensive than having them printed by a local printer.  

The biggest question we’ve gotten from our friends, especially since the invitations have started arriving is ‘What about a Registry?’   Now both of us have been through this before, and we’ve had comments from lots of folks ranging from ‘What do you need?’ to ‘Don’t you have everything already?’  

After a little deliberation, and encouragement from lots of our friends who said ‘Well, we have to give you SOMETHING!  Its a wedding after all…’ we have looked online for a solution to our latest dilemma.  We checked out some of Deb’s favorite stores: Crate and Barrel, Kohls, and Target for their online selections.  

Well, unfortunately, some of her favorite retailers turned out to not have the best capabilities for setting up registries.  More on this in the next exciting episode…

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