The Forest Chapel Revisited…

by Duane ~ August 22nd, 2011. Filed under: Photos, Plans.

Well, it took the better part of the spring and summer both for the snow to melt and for Deb to be able to get away for a few days.  So with the high sierras beckoning, we left Thursday for a four day sojourn to our favorite place.

We squeezed a lot into four days:  Dinner with our friend Stuart (twice), a meeting with a Wedding Planner (Sandra DiDomizio) from Green Fox Events who was ever so helpful, a meeting with the lovely Marcy, event coordinator and gourmet chef at the Pokonobe Resort (yes, its one of those summer camp names, and yes they DO need a web site) resort, a meeting with Jennifer Zeigler, the wedding and event coordinator at Mammoth Mountain, AND two hikes; one to the top of June mountain, the other to Crystal Lake below Crystal Crag in the Lakes basin.  Pictures?  I thought you’d never ask.  Here you go:

The first four are from June Lake.  You ride a lift up the cliff face and start your walk at 8500 ft, much better than starting from the valley floor…

From the top of the June Mountain lift:

June Lake/Gull Lake









At the start of the Yost Lake trail:

June Lake, Yost Lake









Deb on a bridge at Yost Creek:

Deb on the Bridge

Wildflowers along the creek.  Nice for late August:

Summer Flowers












The next series are the Forest Chapel.  Sans snow.  Finally:

Forest Chapel

Deb in the ‘pews’:

Forest Chapel

The view from ‘The Pulpit’:

From the Pulpit

The famous bridge which in previous pictures had snow on it:

Where's that confouded bridge?

All the snow’s gone!  It should look just like this on our wedding day:

The Bridge (minus the snow)












Hope you enjoyed these….


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