How did this Happen?

by ~ June 1st, 2011. Filed under: Proposals.

Welcome to our website! I’m not much on blogging – though I enjoy reading them – but since this website is “ours” (and Duane and his sister are both bugging me to post) I guess I’d better post something myself.

I’m still walking around in a daze, because after more than 10 years of hearing Duane say “I did that before and it didn’t work out” and similar things, I never thought he’d actually propose. Well, he did, and here we are.

How and where and when? Was it all I’d hoped for? Well, I read all those sappy novels, so the bar (at least in my mind) was set pretty high, but he did a good job! First, we were in Mammoth for a long Valentine’s weekend ski trip. He’d made a reservation for our favorite restaurant in Mammoth – Petra’s. (Andy and Ann if you are reading this, we went there with you) He reserved the sofa table by the fireplace, too! We were sitting there talking and somehow the conversation came around to Duane’s mom, with whom I was very close for the short time I knew her before she died. So Duane says “speaking of my mom, she really loved you. I love you, too, and I think she’d want you to have these. Will you marry me?” (Or something very close to that…) and he handed me a small jewelry box with the most perfectly beautiful diamond earrings. His dad had gone out and bought them for his mom as a surprise. I guess Duane and Dana (his sister for those who don’t know) had planned this out because she had the earrings and sent them to him.

Why earrings and not a ring? Well, he thought (and probably others suggested) that it should be for me to pick out. (Yay!)  We’ll post a picture when the ring is done – it’s being made now by a local jeweler (link elsewhere on this site). I think it will feel more real when I am actually wearing the ring. Now, when I tell people we’re getting married, the first thing anyone says is “let me see the ring!”

Anyway… I hope that you all can join our celebration. For many, it’s a long trek. Mammoth is a beautiful place, and there are a lot of things to see and do besides ski – which is entirely possible in Mammoth in July. (This year it’s guaranteed until at least July 4!)

Keep tuning in – I will be posting info on lodging, things to do, and more details as we get things figured out.

Oh, Yes, Duane took this picture of the earrings.  He’s going to try to get more of what he calls  ‘depth of field’.    They look kinda blurry:

Duane's Moms Earrings.

4 Responses to How did this Happen?

  1. anne g

    hey thx for the shout-out, of course i remember petras…the goat cheez ballz over arugula? AMAZING!! really really happy for you guys. miss you lots, can’t wait to see you again. may be sooner than u think 😉

  2. Susan Sheller

    Hi loved ones!

    I will attend the wedding next year it is very far for me so we will have to talk about what you would like to do for the music so I can plan!
    Much Love and congrdulations

  3. Susan Sheller

    Grretings Dear Ones!
    I will attend!
    Mammouth is far for me so we need to plan in advance what we want to do!
    Love and congradulations!

  4. dana strode

    still waiting for the photographer to post good pix of the earrings and …. now the ring! It looks beautiful but blurry on facebook. C’mon, BRO!