Update! (er, um, with pictures…)

by Duane ~ August 14th, 2011. Filed under: Photos, Proposals, The Ring.

After a lot of trouble, and believe me I tried hard, I finally got good pictures of both the ring (yep the real thing) and the earrings that I proposed with which used to belonged to my mom.  As I said in the first article about the proposal, I couldn’t very well get Deb a ring without her input.  After all, who has to wear that ring?  She does.

But I digress.  I love photography.  I do a lot of it.  But don’t ever let anyone tell you photography is all the same.  I struggled, on at least four different occasions, to take a picture of the aforementioned earrings, and after we finally acquired it, the ring.  Well, I have a friend who is a professional.  Don’t try this trick at home; let Gerry do it!   I went by his house last night, bribed him with some wine and food, and he took a couple nice, quick, easy pics of both the earrings and the engagement ring.

The moral to the story is you sometimes need the right equipment.  Lighting and a macro lens was what did the trick.  Now I have a couple macro lenses, but not like Gerry’s.  If you need a photographer to nail your product in digital format, Gerry Wilson’s the guy!  I should have taken a picture of him taking a picture because he set up a table, lights, reflectors, diffusers, the camera on a tripod and snapped away.  It was quite a production.  If you need photos of anything, check out Gerry’s Work and give him a call!

Here’s the result:

2 Responses to Update! (er, um, with pictures…)

  1. DANA

    Will there be wedding bands, also?

  2. Duane

    But of course!