The Wedding?

by Duane ~ July 18th, 2011. Filed under: Mammoth, Plans.

We’re still trying to iron out details for a date.  Since we’re going to be married in Mammoth, and we didn’t really want a winter wedding (although me skiing in a tux and Deb in a wedding gown might be a thrill) because weather can be nasty, it will be in the summer.  This way no one will have to put tire chains on to get there. 

The Forest Chapel is a really pretty spot, across a bridge on Twin Lakes, directly in front of the Tamarak lodge.  We wanted July 29th 2012.  It’s a Sunday.  But we found out it is taken, even though we asked about it when we talked to Jennifer Ziegler, the catering and wedding coordinator at Mammoth Mountain.  She later told us.  Ooops…  So it looks like we may take the Friday before, July 27th.  But we’re still not sure yet.

This wedding crap creates anxiety, but I think once we nail down the date, the rest will follow.  I for one am at least having fun.  We’re working on details, the ceremony will definitely be at the Forest Chapel, we’re not quite sure yet about the reception.  We’ve gotten some great pointers from locals and from Christie O. at Hindsight Bride who’s been ever so helpful.  She has lots of advice for the DIY wedding, and a site full of stuff about it.

We need a photographer and flowers and of course some venue for the reception, so we’re going to talk to Jennifer from the mountain some more, even though we’ve had some hiccups dealing with our favorite ski mountain, and see what progresses.  Stay tuned…

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