More info on Our Favorite Place

by ~ March 18th, 2012

Things to do, places to stay

Well, I guess it’s apparent by our lack of recent postings that we have been busy with jobs, wedding planning, and other life events. As the date gets closer it seems like there is more (too much!) to do!

We have rented a house near the village and hope to have a “gathering” the night before the wedding – kind of a welcome for everyone, and in lieu of a rehearsal dinner. It will be casual, won’t go late (I don’t want to have bags any larger than usual on my wedding day) but will include food and drink of some sort. Please plan to come and visit! Continue reading »

The Forest Chapel Revisited…

by Duane ~ August 22nd, 2011

Well, it took the better part of the spring and summer both for the snow to melt and for Deb to be able to get away for a few days.  So with the high sierras beckoning, we left Thursday for a four day sojourn to our favorite place.

We squeezed a lot into four days:  Dinner with our friend Stuart (twice), a meeting with a Wedding Planner (Sandra DiDomizio) from Green Fox Events who was ever so helpful, a meeting with the lovely Marcy, event coordinator and gourmet chef at the Pokonobe Resort (yes, its one of those summer camp names, and yes they DO need a web site) resort, a meeting with Jennifer Zeigler, the wedding and event coordinator at Mammoth Mountain, AND two hikes; one to the top of June mountain, the other to Crystal Lake below Crystal Crag in the Lakes basin.  Pictures?  I thought you’d never ask.  Continue reading »

Update! (er, um, with pictures…)

by Duane ~ August 14th, 2011

After a lot of trouble, and believe me I tried hard, I finally got good pictures of both the ring (yep the real thing) and the earrings that I proposed with which used to belonged to my mom.  As I said in the first article about the proposal, I couldn’t very well get Deb a ring without her input.  After all, who has to wear that ring?  She does.

But I digress.  I love photography.  I do a lot of it.  But don’t ever let anyone tell you photography is all the same.  I struggled, on at least four different occasions, to take a picture of the aforementioned earrings, and after we finally acquired it, the ring.  Well, I have a friend who is a professional.  Don’t try this trick at home; let Gerry do it!   I went by his house last night, bribed him with some wine and food, and he took a couple nice, quick, easy pics of both the earrings and the engagement ring. Continue reading »